Warner Bros. Studio Tour London (Harry Potter Tour!) – A Review

Hello my Fanciers.

I could not have predicted the sad events of January 14th when I wrote this post. Alan Rickman’s death is both the incredible loss of an amazing acting talent but also judging from the beautiful stories being shared around the world of his character, the loss of an amazing human being. I am glad we got to see the tour and experience so much of the world which he helped create with his amazing portrayal of Professor Snape. R.I.P Alan, I wish we had more time to experience your greatness.

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Now we need to dry our eyes and move onto the tour! You are in for a treat today Fanciers. Today this post will be peppered with my OWN photography. I KNOW RIGHT? I promise you though, this will not become a photography blog. Mainly because I’m rubbish at it.

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This week I crossed something off my bucket list. That’s actually a lie, I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did this would have definitely been on it. I did the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. That’s right, I DID THE HARRY POTTER TOUR. And it was ah-may-zing!

I went on the tour this week because they are bringing to a close the exhibition “Hogwarts in the Snow” which shows the sets in their festive dressings. It ends around the 30th of January and I knew I had to see it because SNOW and CHRISTMAS and HARRY POTTER.

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To begin with, everyone who works on the tour is amazing. From the bus drivers who picked us up at the station to the security guards who complimented my purse (an easy way to win me over) everyone was so friendly and helpful. I don’t know what’s in the water over there at WB but we didn’t see anyone do anything but smile brightly and be incredibly nice. In fact, the entire tour ran very smoothly. You are ushered through a couple of areas where they explain things to you and the such but then you’re basically left to complete the tour on your own. We were in the building for 5 hours. Which was way longer than we planned to be but it was just so good! Even the wait times on things weren’t as bad as I expected, there were a couple of photo ops which had a line but it wasn’t astronomical despite the fact there were a lot of people there. I imagine on a weekend or a holiday it might be a bit more hectic but we were lucky enough to be able to go on a Monday.

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The tour itself was amazing. So much better than I could have even imagined. We learnt so much and we saw so much. There were some amazing exhibits and great videos and talks which explained some big Harry Potter secrets. I won’t spoiler it for anyone but if you’re a Harry Potter fan or even just a film fan this tour is for you.

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Now to the downsides and I’ll be honest, there aren’t many. I had a great time and only one thing really sticks out in my mind. This whole endeavor, while amazing, was very very expensive. I think it was around £30 to get in plus we had to get there from SW London (which I understand is not their problem, I’m just adding it to our personal cost). Then there was the food, which we were expecting to be pricey but £7.50 for a basic chicken burger is beyond what we were expecting. Once again though, if this is an issue for you you can bring your own food and they allow you to eat it in their cafes (there are two). The photo ops which I mentioned previously were one of the worst things, you couldn’t take your own photos at them but to buy the photos they had taken was crazily expensive. £14 for one. ONE. That’s insane. We ended up with only one, but if you were taking 6 kids along like the family in front you are paying an absolute fortune almost immediately. Plus the souvenirs. The souviniers here were the most expensive I have ever seen in any tourist destination ever. A jumper was around £60-£80. There was a jacket for £250. Even the chocolate frogs were pricey (£8.95). I mean obviously it’s up to you if you want to buy souvenirs, and plenty of people were so maybe I’m just cheap. I mean, I know I’m cheap, so maybe this is just a me problem.

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All in all this was a great experience and I’m really glad we went. Plus when my mum and sister come to visit later in the year I’m sure I’ll go again so obviously it made a great impression on me. I’ve also spoken to other people who have gone and they all loved it too. So despite the price point this is one, you’re going to want to get on to if you’re in the UK. Plus it gives you so many chances to say “YOU’RE A WIZARD ‘ARRY!”




    • It was a really special experience, I’ve been such a fan for so long and it was so exciting seeing the things up close!
      Some of the stories which have come out post Alan’s death have been so lovely it’s made me so sad 🙁
      Thank you, my pictures are amateur at best but they do the job!!


  1. Lovely post, you got some great photos! I went in December for my birthday and it’s the best thing I have ever done- I loved it so much! As regards to the price, yes it is expensive! I bought a wand, sovenuir guide, necklace, a photos of me on a broom and a postcard from Harry Potter world so it came to quite a lot but I guess it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! It’s a special day out and personally I think it’s worth every penny x


    • I totally agree Nicole, I think if you’ve got the money to go then why not go all out. Unless you’re going every week. Then maybe you need to review your life haha.

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